In May of 1911 there was a meeting of representatives from choirs and musical bodies to discuss the formation of an operatic society. On the 13th September, 1911, Forfar Amateur Operatic Society officially adopted it’s constitution and became a society under the leadership of conductor Mr Ch. Hopkins Ould. In 1912 we performed our first ever musical, ‘The Bohemian Girl’, which was well received by the public. Another two shows were performed before the outbreak of WW1 forced the cancellation of ‘Faust’.

Because of the war there were no productions in 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918 or 1919. However, normal service resumed in 1920 with a performance of ‘IL Trovatore’, which took in 270 in ticket sales. Bizarrely, in December 1921, it seems that the society closed for a while, apparently due to a disagreement over what type of shows to perform. Nevertheless, the society reopened in September, 1922 with the begining of rehersals for ‘Maritana”. From here there is a large gap in our knowledge about the gereral goings on within the society, though we do know what shows were performed up to 1933. We also know that in 1987, Forfar Amateur Operatic Society was rebranded as Forfar Musical Society.

Can you remember any of the goings on in the society? Do you have old posters or programmes from past shows? Do you have newspaper cuttings? Minute books? Old accounts? Or even just memories that you would be willing to share them with us? If so we would like to invite you to share them with us in order to help us to fill in the blanks of our society’s 100 year history.

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